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Saturday 28th February 2017

B2 Ride to Clitheroe by David Hodgson
There is only a few words that sum up today's ride to Clitheroe - VERY WET COLD & WINDY.....

Three B2 riders Shane, Miriam and myself left the cobbles in the rain and were soon joined by Martin. My optimism that the rain would blow over by 11am was never going to happen as the rain just never stopped with heavy showers throughout the morning.

We arrived at the cafe in Clitheroe drenched and very cold and once we had found a radiator to dry our gloves we settled down for a well earned lunch with Shane going for pie, peas,and gravy.

Nobody wanted to leave the cafe but we eventually made the move. Once again we were out in the rain and still feeling pretty cold. Within a mile we had stopped as Miriam had no brakes. Some attempt to adjust the brakes didn't seem to improve the bike and her salvation of getting a lift home was realised when Ian Tunbridge appeared from nowhere and kindly offered her and her bike a warm lift home. Many thanks Ian.

So we were down to 3 as we pushed on through Whalley and onto Ribchester. The rain never let up and now the wind picked up (my fault for saying at least it's not windy)

We parted company with Martin at Ribchester and Shane and I trundled on towards Longridge. We had both had enough by now. I don't think my fingers have ever been as cold as today. Shane decided to call it a day as he took refuge at my house rather than the long ride back home to Heysham.

I wouldn't say I enjoyed today but for all those GCC who braved the elements I salute you all

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