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Saturday 21st January 2017

B2 Ride to Hest Bank by Shane Blackmore
GCC B2 Ride 19 Hest Bank 49 miles, elevation 2365ft.
A group of 10 riders left Garstang and headed north to Lancaster via Ford Green, Cockerham and Condor Green. Prior to Condor Green we had decided on a detour avoiding the cycle path. David Hodgson led the way and guided us on roads I didn’t know existed, thanks David I will be using that route again. Going through Lancaster some of the group decided on a different route to the bridge. At the end of the cycle path near Snatchams We met up with Dave, Ian and Miriam had decided to go on ahead to Sunderland point. As we approached Moss road the Malcolm appeared with Kenny. Continuing to Overton the Malcolm and Kenny disappeared as quickly as they had first appeared taking a shortcut to the café stop I found out later. I decided to give Sunderland Point a miss as I was hoping to catch up with Miriam and Ian and headed along Middleton Road to Heysham at which point we were passed by the B1 group who kindly informed us that Ian and Miriam were now behind us. We waited and regrouped and made our way to Moon Bay. Prior to reaching the Café Jackie suggested we go to the shore café at Hest Bank as we would be able to sit inside and get a warm. I didn’t need much convincing as it was a very cold day.
Malcolm and Kenny saw us pass Moon Bay café as they were being fed and watered. We then passed through Heysham and join the promenade to Morecambe and onto Hest Bank for the café stop.
Leaving the café we headed along Station Road and onto Hest Bank Lane we then lost five riders as someone decided a shortcut was needed we eventually caught them regrouped and headed to Halton after which we joined Quernmore road and started the climbing. Climbing complete we headed to Scorton via Dolphinholme and back to Garstang.
This was the first ride where I have started and finished on the cobbles before everyone headed of home.

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