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Saturday 14th January 2017

B2 Ride to Eccleston Delph by Phil Durrigan
Four enthusiasts/sceptics set off for Eccleston Delph - soon to become five as Miriam was deposited by the B1 group as they sped/crept by. Progress was good as we headed south via Woodplumpton to join the Guild Wheel briefly to Lea and then via Ashton Park through the docks and another section of the GW. Leaving Preston we joined the Penwortham cycleway where we were re-united with the B1 group who appeared to be taking in the scenery/lost and were delighted/embarrassed by our showing them the way forward. The B2s led the way through Whitestake, New Longhton and Midge Hall where unfortunately/amusingly a train pulled up at the level crossing separating the groups once more and giving the B1s another chance to take in the scenery/curse their luck/coordinator. On through Bretherton and Croston we were within sniffing distance of the café when the B1 group finally caught up again. Pleasantries/insults were exchanged as we approached the Delph where it was warm enough/too cold to sit outside.
Leaving the café ahead of the B1s we paused briefly with a nod to local hero/villain Bradley's abode and via Eccleston to that wonderful/delightful town of Leyland. A slight divergence of route/wrong turn allowed the B1s back to the front where they stayed until they stopped to admire the scenery/got lost at Lostock Hall/Tardy Gate. We eventually found our way onto the Old Tram Road and Avenham Park. Re-entering the docks the B1s had their second railway-related incident of the day when one of their number caught a wheel in the tracks and hit the deck. Some confusion followed but we re-grouped and re-joined the GW again briefly, alighting at Broughton for the last few incident-free miles back to base.
Another 62 fun-packed/tortuous miles on one of our more favoured/disliked routes. Thanks to Shane, Dave H, Steve H and Miriam for their company and good humour.

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