Club Christmas Lunch Ride Report

Over forty members, friends, and family met up at The Kenlis Arms for the annual festive get together. The first half of the ride got underway at about 1-15pm with everyone being given a route sheet. It involved convoluted meanderings around the brains of the participants as they struggled (and sweated) with all the obscure clues that had to be solved before the cafe stop. Cycle paths in the United Arab Emirates, and bike crashing US Presidents built up a great appetite for the feast to come.

The much anticipated food arrived, giving everyone a welcome break from the mental exertions. No beans on toast today though, but the hotpot, curry, and chilli, followed by lashings of cream on the puddings, replenished the energy levels for the second half of the ride.

Before setting off on the second half, rear gunner Pip Riley came round with more sheets of paper. Was it another quiz? No, but song sheets so that everybody could keep together and continue the ride in total harmony! Well, everybody kept together alright, but not too sure about the total harmony bit! A few Jingle Bells, and a bit of Here it is Merry Christmas's later, we all arrived safely at the final destination. All members were now quite exhausted and content to finish off the wine, enjoy a coffee, and indulge in genial conversation with members they may not have seen for a while.

Many thanks to ride coordinator Ian Gibson who did a great job of keeping everyone together and eating at a pace that was sustainable by all, whilst rear gunner Pip and his assistant Tony provided the festive atmosphere.

Not many miles, but plenty of smiles! :-)

by Mike Coleran

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