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Saturday 21st August 2021

B2 Ride Arnside - Chris Jones
B2'S Didn't go to Arnside ??????
21/8/21 #ridereports
It was a small but select group that gathered on the cobbles this morning under threatening skies, just 4 of us B2'S, I think 5 B1'S and many C's, they must be a hardier braver bunch than the rest of us.
Anyway myself, Phil, Sarah and living the dream Ste set of along the undulating roads towards Quernmore, which being a southerner that speaks proper pronounces with the n??
Within ten minutes the forecast rain started falling from the sky and we arrived at the Quernmore crossroads absolutely soaked, after a brief discussion about whether we would make it to Arnside or not we set off down happy valley as far as the T junction.
The route was sending us right to Caton but after much discussion under the dubious shelter of a tree I made an executive RC decision to turn left to ride up and over towards Galgate instead. A brief pause at a crossroads because Sarah's rear brake was playing up, which seemed to fix itself, not that our rim brakes were doing very much in the wet anyway. We then carefully descended to Galgate and across to Condor Green and the warm and dry shelter of the Green Finch cafe.
After apologising in advance for getting their floor, chairs and tables wet I ordered the largest, hottest, blackest coffee they could provide. I think they took pity on us as it arrived at the table before I'd even removed my soaked outer layers????
Beans on toast for Ste and Phil, who also had a side order of bacon, and a fantastic looking vegan breakfast for Sarah, which I'll be having next time I'm there, all of which arrived very quickly.
Once that lot was consumed it was the horrible struggle of putting cold and wet jackets, gloves etc back on and stepping back out into the rain which by now had slowed a little.
We all set off for home with me turning left along Ashton road and the others going in the opposite direction.
Some might say we wimped out but I say kudos to all that turned up despite the forecast and gave it a go??????
PS I hope you have all washed your bikes, I have??????

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