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Saturday 7th August 2021

B2 Ride - Galgate - Chris Jones
Abandoned the idea of Leck Fell with the weather forecast as it was so as a group we decided to stay local and do the same route as the B1'S.
Great to see all four groups gathered on the cobbles again and I was surprised to see that the A's were the biggest group to set off today, maybe they're made of harder stuff than the rest of us????
Anyway a total of 6 hardy B2's set off from the cobbles after politely encouraging the B1's to set off first. Our group was made up of myself, Sarah, Annette petit pois Tucker, Ian pocket rocket McGrath, Paula sweet pea Mason and Richard countdown Whitely.
Early into the ride around Barnacre we came across Sim and Keith being gentlemen and fixing new member Katya rear puncture and after some jelly babies we left them to it and surprisingly they and the rest of the B1's didn't came back past us until well after Marshaw, maybe we are getting faster as we were expecting them to zoom past much sooner than that.
Paula needed to be home for 12 for a delivery of garden furniture, don't think that'll get much use for a while??????, so she peeled off just before the climb up to Marshaw, which was just before the rain started, which didn't stop after that, just varied in intensity.
Everyone wondered why I was dressed for winter but for once I made the right choice with my kit and stayed drier than everyone else ??
Anyway we made it up to Jubilee Tower (still raining) and stopped for the obligatory pics before a very careful descent down to Quernmore (still raining).
At this point we decided to abandon the route and any thoughts of a cafe stop and headed for home via the fast road towards Bay Horse (still raining but much harder).
At the fastest pace we had ridden all morning (tailwind) the weather god's decided to throw some hailstones into the mix of heavy rain and gales and at 20+mph they bloody sting.
All absolutely soaked we then split up at the crossroads and headed in 3 separate directions for our warm and dry homes. I did come across the B1's again in Galgate who had bravely stuck to the full route to this point and were heading for the cafe in Condor Green.
Well that's it, the first Autumn club ride of the year done and I get to do it all again tomorrow on a Flab ride.
See you all next week in Windermere

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