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Saturday 17th July 2021

C ride report - Mick Hine
I am not going to attempt to match the witty rides reports of recent past and will stick to what I was good at in English which was precis.
Picking Bull Beck car park as a start point seems a good idea but unfortunately half the sporting population of Lancaster agreed and a very busy scene greeted our meet up. Non the less 14 or so (I have already lost my notes) meet up in weather reminiscent of southern France and set off in 2 groups towards Hornby where we picked up Dave P.
We negotiated the rest of the route to Farleton Cafe with out incident bar Dave H having a puncture. The cafe is not in the same league as the likes of the Apple Store etc, but is in a glorious location.
Suitably refreshed the 2 groups set off again, group 1 going left at the exit, group 2 presumably right as we did not see them again, despite me cycling back to the cafe. Still I took comfort in having distributed hard copies of the route and my phone number to several riders and decided that there was likely sufficient knowledge in the group to pick up the route.
Unfortunately I did not pick up Dave Ts attempt to call until I got home, so I can only hope the final leg went OK for group 2. Group 1 cracked on at probally a bit too fast a pace and the heat and hills took thier toll by the time we got back to Bill Beck car park .
Hope you all enjoyed the route which was very much representative of the type of route I like and which Bob nicely summed up as convoluted.
This is the first ride I have lead since my cardiac arrest so it's a bit of a mile stone for me. Life is about passing milestones big or small . Thanks for your company.

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