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Saturday 12th June 2021

B1 ride report - Jane Stringfellow
Ride report for b1 s Saturday 12th June. Allegedly 61 miles,chipping (sounds easy), via quernmore, little dale and cross of greet (sounds harder) . According to Shane we climbed 5000 feet, but we didn't all start at sea level like him. I got allocated to do the ride report by sim, our ride compere today, who seems very good at delegating, as he got Shane to do all the leading. (Not that Shane needed any encouragement). I don't have any gadgets to measure distance /speed etc, but I estimate Shane set our average pace at around 35 mph today. !!!
So there were 5 of us... Me- (the fastest lady on the whole group), Shane, SIM, Trevor ford, and Dan. I've not done ride report before so this will be long, rambling and probably immaculate (partly cos I missed most of wot was going on, concentrating mainly on going as fast as my legs could possibly go). (I estimate that the slowest speed set by Shane was probably about 25 mph, and the fastest somewhere around 50mph) I was glad of the hills cos they slightly slowed Shane down.
SIM took great delight in delegating things to other people, in his role as ride comedian. Indeed he seemed to think it was very funny. He took great delight in beating Dan up little dale, cos he led Dan to believe that the first summit you could see was the top. Dan believed him and went helll for leather,exhausting himself, while sim saved himself a bit for the real summit hidden around the corner. I had a really good view of it all from a long way back.
I don't think there were any other incidents till just past wray, as we started climbing toward cross of greet . Shane decided he was going to have, not a pitstop, but a 'comfort break', and I did overhear SIM quizzing him a bit about how long this was likely to take, did it involve having a nap etc, . Anyway, we duly ride on, allowing Shane his comfort break, and waited for him a bit further up the hill
About half an hour later, or so.... He reappeared, and we were all very surprised to find he was with a companion - another ex sailor who used to be in the navy too, who had allegedly just happened by, and stopped to say hello, and then cycled with him as far as us.
While we were waiting for Shane, the main game by the ride compere seemed to be to go on about Jane having a 28 casette on her bike, and seeming determined to land her with the nickname Jane 28 casette. ( I feel for you now, big ring Dave, 76). These things stick. I might have to change my bike but SIM seems to have a notion it would make me cycle faster, and I hate to think wot I'd end up getting called if it didn't (? Jane- mightaswellbe28casette)
Wot else happened..... ? Oh yes, there were some almost mutiny's at one point. Shane declared hayfever may make him have to head home. Trevor claimed to have a wobbly back wheel, and indeed he did... Something to do with it having lost a spoke. Maybe he'd have to give up if his wheel collapsed. I said how unlucky to lose a spoke today out riding, as obviously no one would set off with a missing spoke. That would be a stupid thing to do. A moment of awkward silence before Trevor admitted it fell off on his last ride! He looked ok on his bike unless you were riding behind him, and then it did actually look very wobbly.
I was also trying quite hard to leave the ride at that point, finding the probably about 40 mph pace quote tough, but SIM our excellent ride chief was having none of it. Turns out he was invested in getting us all round, and to the end, cos that's not happened before on any of his rides. Was a matter of honour to him that we would all complete.
There followed a glorious descent of cross of greet , and I only discovered later that for once I was well ahead of some of the group cos SIM doesn't like descending (though he thinks he has the edge on Katie hurt), and Trev was a bit nervous of his wobbly wheel.
Down to slaidburn for excellent cafe stop.
Where Katie hurt and max nonchalently appeared on their bikes a while later, looking cool. Apparently Katie had had a long lie in but still joined max on the same ride as us. So I'm imagining they probably started around 1130 am, it taking them approx half an hour to do cross of greet today.
I was fuelling myself on lots of sugar and energy gels, and also gratefully accepting Trev's supply of mood and performance enhancing substances, disguised as a variety of jelly beans in an innocent looking container. I noticed Shane had similar....ha !that's why they go so fast. Trev tried to claim his were for sea sickness, which he was feeling by now on his wobbly bike. During the lunch stop Trev also told us how he couldn't wait for the nightclubs to re open post covid. So we kept on finding out new things about each other.
Shane, by the way, does lots of cycling on swift /swift, and is currently doing a programme for tfp. There were a lot of a acronyms today (worse than the final series of line of duty). Can't remember what tfp was. In our house it's tuna fish pasta. For Shane's programme I think it stood for thinness fastness and ..........
????????? Dunno, can't remember . Trev was going on about ghd s or something which one of the lads thought was to do with his hair straighteners, and SIM was going on about casettes and gear ratios, particularly 28 casettes. I was quite glad when it was time to move on, waving goodbye to Katie and max eating ice creams.
Despite that horrible pull out of slaidburn, with cafe legs to make it worse, Shane really went off like the clappers through Newton, dunsop, past Inn at White well, prob I would estimate at about 50 mph. I kept up surprisingly well for a while, but then there seemed to be some unspoken message between the others, as they all surged past , leaving me wondering what had just happened. SIM shouted something about Shane must be trying to get to his dentist appointment, ( but I don't see why all the others felt they had to join him) I also thought it was unlikely to make you want to go fast, going to the dentist, and maybe it was more likely he'd arranged another meeting with his sailor friend. But it did turn out he'd broken a tooth this morning, presumably eating muesli, so maybe there was something in it. Anyway, I dropped quite far behind, but they kindly waited for me a bit further on. I thought I'd keep on going once I got to them, but Trev rattled the illicit substance container at me as I drew close so I stopped thinking I need all the help I can get. Shane denied he was trying to meet his sailor friend, but wanted it in the record that SIM seemed very excited at the possibility.
We very sadly encountered the air ambulance arriving to assist a poor cyclist who had had an accident further along a lane we had headed down. We retraced our steps a short while to resume the ride without going along that section, which was being marshalled by someone helping out on the crisis.
I'm struggling to remember any other details (praps the effects of all the performance enhancing substances consumed) anyone reading this far deserves a medal anyway. I doubt I'll ever be asked to write another ride report ?? phew. It's worse than homework.
Pub got mentioned / Shane tried turning off at cross keys which we were just passing at Whitechapel. But bellflower got bored for. Seemed to start a pub sprint.....never gone along lodge lane that fast. Apparently, one excuse for the pub was a leaving party for Dan, cos he's going to France to live next week, with his dad who's already there, I thought I heard him explaining to me. In fact I believe he's already had several leaving did,but no worries. Good idea to have another. We enjoyed various drinks outdoors in the sunshine at the bell flower
Trev and Dan seemed to know all the same people, it seemed toe, as we chatted, so I thought maybe they're pals who hang out together. When I enquired, they claimed to be father and son ( so it's not just coincidence they have the same surname then). And it turns out Trevor doesn't live in France, just in case any of you were wondering. There was incredulity amongst the group that I didn't know such things. ?!???. (I live in Jane world)
That's it. End of ride report. Well done SIM for getting everyone to the end.

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