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Saturday 22nd May 2021

A Ride - Dent - Dave Brook
Bellflower to Dent. Six of us including Club Captain Phil set of for Dent, and made the third junction before loosing Simon Thompson after he was given some dubious navigational info. Reunited eventually, the journey continued to the top of Littledale, where we had our now customary pit stop, we were soon at Burton in Lonsdale; there the route became far more rustic and scenic. Kingdale was soon upon us, and Phil had his customary tubeless tyre issue. Further on Ian Tunbridge had a cleat failure, and then promptly stood in the juiciest cow pat to make repair more interesting. As it happened the screws had sheared and were stuck in the shoe, so it was a semi flat for Ian all the way home Lunch was at the Meadside cafe, and good as ever, although perhaps not the best accompaniment for the climb up to Barbondale. We were soon swooping down one of the most picturesque valleys to Barbon, where we headed right, along some lovely lanes to Kirby Lonsdale. At this point my route went sour, and we meandered our way up and down dale to Caton. The group feedback was that the normal A group thrash along Kirby Lonsdale Road would have been better. At the base of Halton Park, Ian left us for a flat ride home with his pedal issue, and the rest of us went home through Happy Valley - some fast (Simon and Mick) the rest appreciating the views and talking to the chickens. A great but tough day out. The weather was far better than forecast. Top marks to Ian for continuing with only a single correctly functioning pedal. Mileage about 85. Average speed a secret my Garmin is unwilling to divulge.

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