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Saturday 11th January 2020

BURHOLME BRIDGE - Steve Hopkinson
The weather forecast was for strong winds with rain after lunch, and in view of the dire warnings of traffic congestion because of the M6 closure, I wasn’t expecting too many takers for the B ride today. However, including myself, six hardy souls arrived on the Cobbles. In view of the gusty conditions it was decided to amend the published ride over the Trough to Dunsop Bridge and go via Chipping, past the Wild Boar Park and down the hill to Burholme Bridge, turning right there and passing through Whitewell on to Little Town Dairy for lunch. In view of the lack of numbers, it was decided to ride as one B group.
Setting off, we spotted Luke heading towards us. He had ridden in from home and had underestimated either the distance, the conditions or the traffic (or all three). So there were seven. Crossing the M6 bridge after the Kenliss Arms was rather eerie with a complete absence of traffic.
The next decision was Butt Hill or May Lane, and we chose the latter. It soon became clear that Luke had taken too much out of himself rushing to get to the start and he decided to head off at Chipping to go directly to LTD. We pressed on past the Wild Boar Park, (when are they going to resurface that road?) up that horrible little climb after the right hand bend and down the tricky descent, again on a less than perfect surface, to Burholme Bridge over the Hodder. Turning right through Whitewell and on up through the trees, we then encountered the full force of the headwind on the exposed sections of road.
LTD was a welcome sight, where Luke was sat waiting for us. Bacon sandwiches and beans on toast consumed, we set off turning right at the Derby Arms (minus Luke who was going to make his own way home) and headed back towards Garstang, via Whitechapel.
Heading along Ducketts Lane we spotted ominous blue flashing lights at the corner of New Lane and were wondering whether we would be able to continue or face a long diversion. A Mini had had an altercation with a Fiesta, and it looked like the Mini had come off worst. However, the helpful police officer was able to wave us through. Apparently, no-one was seriously hurt, thankfully.
So back to Garstang. Despite it being a truncated ride, we still managed just short of 40 miles, my average speed was 12.5 mph with 2600 feet of climbing. Thanks to everyone who took part and especially to the faster B riders for stopping regularly to regroup. Thankfully, the rain held off until we got home.

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