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Saturday 21st September 2019

The Bs head to Roeburndale - Luke Bosman
The cobbles were heaving in anticipation of the first cycle ride of Autumn*. The sky was cloudless. The temperature wonderful. Ominously, however, horizontal plants had been observed. Eleven Bs responded to the Chair's clarion call and headed northwards. As the register was taken on Green Lane West, a referendum conclusively and indeed unanimously showed that nobody was keen on riding both Jubilee Tower and Roeburndale. Far be it from me to disagree with the result of a referendum.

Chris, who had to nobody's great surprise been talking the hind legs off a donkey, careered round the roundabout and became the twelfth B of the day. Somewhere in the distance, a donkey was heard to breathe a deep sigh of relief.

A well-behaved peloton wound its way through Scorton, confirmed that it had no desire to head towards Marshaw, and debated the pronunciation of Quernmore. The wind was distinctly picking up. Littledale proved challenging. Newcomer Fez and I hung back, as we didn't want the others to feel pressured to hasten their climbing. One of the fiercest hairpin bends outside of Cumbria loomed. As we reached Roeburndale the views to the Yorkshire Three Peaks and beyond were glorious. Each of us tried to cycle on the right-hand side of the road as 35 mph winds pushed us close to the left-hand edge.

Roeburndale's remoteness shows in its road surfaces and gates. Steep descents on roads little better than farm tracks were typical and ensured low speeds. Eventually, we descended into Wray and tucked into hard-earned slices of bacon. Conscious of cholesterol levels, I declined the black pudding.

Paula and Ian had a pressing engagement and bade us farewell. The remaining ten of us agreed that the wind was close to dangerous at height and so chose to omit the climbs around Gressingham in favour of the Lune Cyclepath and the road past Cockerham. A second pit stop allowed us to sample a refreshing pint of beer. Finally, with tired legs and happy hearts we returned to Garstang. There cannot be many more days as fine as this left to be enjoyed this year.


* Don't argue. Strictly began this evening.

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