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Saturday 17th August 2019

B ride Report Houghton Bottoms(Wheres Luke) – 55 Miles - Shane Blackmore
The chairman had posted 0n Facebook to say he had a flat tyre and would try to catch us up.

Fifteen of us met on the cobbles for this ride which I had never ridden before.

We decided due to the numbers we would split into two groups which worked very well and made the ride a lot safer for all.

We had not gone five miles before the first puncture as I rolled to a stop with my back wheel hissing. Not a problem innertube quickly replaced unfortunately when I went to inflate the tyre the valve fell apart start again second inner tube inserted and inflated Thanks for the help Ian Tunbridge, Karen Sienkiewicz, and Chris Berry Off we went again 200 yards down the road a chain off was shouted which was quickly sorted and away we went.

The next stop was to don rain jackets although we need not have bothered as the shower only lasted 10 mins.

As we had split into two groups the second group had missed the turn my fault as I should have stopped a quick call to arrange a meet point on the road into Longridge.

Passing through Ribchester we tackled the first major climb of the day to the top of Mellor then dropped down to Yew Tree drive for another climb to the top of Mellor just had to make sure I stayed away from Paula Mason as she was not best pleased with another climb so soon.

We then descended down to Wilpshire and started up Parsonage Road when I noticed my front tyre was a little flat. Maybe Paula and Annette Tucker had something to do with this payback for the hills.

Chris, Karen and Ian to the rescue again Karen provided an inner tube as I had no tubes left.

Tyre inflated and off we went again once at the top of Parsonage Road we had a long descent down through York to Whalley for the cafe stop at the Autism Cafe which was an extended one but very pleasant sat outside in the sun.

Leaving the café we headed to Billington and down through Dinkley then to Dutton and the next climb of the day to the top of Longridge Fell and then through Whitechapel still looking for the Club Chairman.

As normal riders dropped off to make their way home Ten of us arrived back in Garstang which is not bad for me normally a lot less than that. As we stopped to say our goodbyes I said we deserve a Pint after that so five of us headed to the Belflower for a pint before heading home.

Thanks to Ian Tunbridge for leading the second group and to Dave Corless for watching the back of the groups for most of the ride it is a great help.

Another great ride with even better company although tough at times with the headwind and the lumps. Well done to all of you. See you next week for the Hellifield ride which Paula will be leading.

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