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Saturday 18th May 2019

B Group Slaidburn - Paula Mason
Here goes B ride report .... 15 riders set off from the cobbles. All was hunkey dorey till we neared Mr Wiggins house. Two very feisty horses ran wild on the lane trying desperately to make it 17 members on the ride. Thankfully mine and Shayne donkey skills gave us the confidence to shoo them into an open field whilst the farmer came to close the gate on them. No ladies were with me so David Hodgson said he would be my bitch for the day and we talked confidently about our mascara and shaving our legs. We pressed on up Marshaw with naughty Bill challenging people to ride up big hills in the big ring this was his quest for the day as he had brown legs. Regrouping at the top of the Trough, everyone was chilled and I was reminded of those who said would be leaving at Dunsop Bridge due to other commitments. 4 said their farewells and we continued towards Slaidburn. Following a brief headcount from myself the RC, we concluded one member was missing ..... I soon realised who it was and may be due to him trying to wimp out earlier .... troupes concerned for fellow missing riders safety, we searched ditches and hedgerows in vain. ‘Bugger me’ I shouted in anger he has sneaked off Luke our chairman new shiny cassette wimped out of cafe stop at Slaidburn and Waddington climb. Never mind, cafe stop was as always welcoming and we headed up the hill towards Easington corrugations. I lead the group from behind up Waddington fell with Dave ‘big ring’ allowing me to follow his wheel. Great decent was had by all into Waddington then a cheeky gradual climb to Cowark with some riders pushing each other in a fast peloton. Regrouping in chipping we headed to Whitechapel. Nearing home Phil Doyle split from the group (who did amazing) and Chris left the final fast peloton before we reached Garstang to say our final farewells. A great ride which I hope everyone enjoyed as much as I did. Seemed looking back on the day and mine and fellow riders strava that everyone pushed themselves in their own way and each other with no pressure. Much easier ride than scheduled Cross of Greet thanks everyone who came on the ride. I loved it and hope you did too.

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