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Saturday 27th April 2019

A ride Mtb division - Peter Heyworth
Friday 26-4-19
Text from Mario 'looks like tomorrow 100m is off, wind and rain is 4cast'

Pedro was soon on the phone for options and an agreement was struck.... mtb...RT?

So Saturday 100m ride was officially cancelled by the HSE red tap brigade on Saturday morning .... as it waz too windy, however, the next mtb endurance race is T-6wks, so we need to shake a leg

Souper Mario and Pedro meet at a very quite cobbles at 8:30 to press on before the worse on the storm, off road to Fleetwood, ferry over to Knott end for lunch and push up to Lancaster was the planned route.
Unfortunately the Ferry was closed due to high winds, so after the cheapest cafe stop ever in Fleetwood (Pedro's treat obviously) we returned via the Wyre estuary Bridalpath over the river back to Knott end.
A few new Bridalpath were tested around Pilling before moving onto Cockerham. The original plan was to head out to Lancaster but this was on the assumption that the Ferry was game on. By this time Hannah had whipped up the wind speed, rain was in the wind too so we pressed South back to Gartang on the cannal, sheltering in a hostile hoping the worst would blow over for a touch of après mtb-ing to finish the day off.

75m fat tyre RT Ave speed just over 14 mph, top day owt, weather nowt like the forecast and reminder that work is to be done before the next mtb endurance race

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