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Saturday 20th April 2019

A Ride Bowland Knotts - Ian Tunbridge
Ten riders were on the A ride on a gloriously sunny Saturday very good to see so many. A route out to Cockerham was easy paced turning towards Bay Horse and Galgate then the first climb past Forest Hiils. From the top we kept in fine close formation swooping down the hill with whoops and hollers from the waiting fans. Over Brookhouse and the road through Claughton we broke into smaller groups on the busy main road, reconvening to take on fluids or get rid of them at the junction. From here a quick pace through Wray to the bottom of the climb of Bowland Knotts from Keasdon. The road has been resurfaced just for the GCC onslaught and was a joy to ride on especially as the new surface was longer than the usual 10 meters. No heroics down the descent which seriously is in need of repair we made is unscathed regrouped and blasted to the cafe with one potential winner of the sprint dropping a chain. Luke had kindly got to the cafe via another route to greet us and save all the outside tables. The cafe was superb being extremely busy food was very quick served ??. From the cafe a tour round the quiet back road avoided the steep hill but added more miles. From Dunsop Bridge the group was in impressive close formation and continued like that till nearer the top of Hall Hill climb, where my cafe legs complained of the pace, we regrouped and sped off to Chipping where Rick wanted to loop round to get in a ton and I took a slight change to the planned route home leaving 8 to find their own way on the route.
A good day out.

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