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Saturday 13th April 2019

A Group Ride Report (13-Apr-19) - The Pendle witch hunt (AKA -- the bike destroyer) - Peter Heyworth
Early ish start for Mario, Agent O and Mick starting from Whalley, we soon found ourselves on the bridal path up to the Nick of Pendle when the first incident occurred. The RC had sprung a Stans tireless seal leak from the back tyre. A thorn like a nail sticking out and it was not for sealing, so topping up the tyre with the emergency bottle of Stans fluid and having to deploy a sealing tyre worm, the disaster was recovered. This did spark the beginning of an interesting conversation for the day, just what and how much kit and spares does one need on a RT ride.
Oh, the off road climb up to the Nick of Pendle was finally nailed and what a fantastic little trail.

Next major climb was a series of bridal paths from Grindleton up Waddington fell, it wasn’t long into the climb when were heard a bit of clunk followed by some Latin language, Mick’s chain had snapped on the first really steep pull of the day. ‘So who’s got a spare chain link’ , what followed was a bit of Jacobs join in terms of spares and tools to get thunderbird 3 back on the road.
The off road climb up Waddington fell was another fantastic little trail.

The next short but very sharp pull was out of Forest Beck and yes, clunk followed by some Latin language, this time Dave’s bike which is on loan from some medieval museum had snappeid a chain, this time it’s a seven speed. ‘Now that’s a problem, stocks are getting low on chain links’ especially in this modern age, nowts compatible like it was in the good old days. Anyway a 10 speed chain link seemed to do the job, plan B was to use the chain splitter, proper old school. Another Jacobs join and the 10 speed chain linked worked, success!

‘Anymore steep pull, She cannae take any more, RC.She's gonna blow! was asked of the RC, ‘errm, all downhill from here lads’ said through gritted teeth. Well it was to the café in Bolton in Bowland.

Post lunch the bridleway had styles and kissing gates, just to work the upper body as we followed the Ribble way, some great single track, well worth the bike lug out over the stairway to heaven. We did stumble across some unholy grounds that is used for the Beat-Herder concert ..... modern witch craft thing, quite bizarre.

Nice rolling finish back through Pendleton and back the car, downhill as promised

40 miles, 4,oooft climbing with an Ave of 10mph, cracking day out, new trails and good craic, oh and some more spares to be ordered too!

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