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Saturday 13th April 2019

Wiggo and a wee - Luke Bosman
The day dawned bright and breezy. Eleven Bs assembled on the cobbles to enjoy some late winter training, having generally recognised that fitness levels weren’t sufficient for the scheduled ride over Cross O’ Greet to High Bentham.
On the menu were forty undulating miles. Those miles were swiftly added to, as I forgot the route almost immediately and headed north from the cobbles until realising that my Garmin was complaining at me, leading to the interesting spectacle of the B-group leader meeting much of the rest of the B-peloton traveling in the opposite direction.
A short warm-up around the housing estates of West Garstang brought us back to the start eleven minutes later.
We wove our way via Woodacre Hall to Gubberford Lane to warm up, this time intentionally, the climbing legs and kept a disciplined formation up Long Lane and the Trough Road where the headwind, turning into a crosswind, was quite noticeable.
Cam Brow was enjoyed by all, especially once we had conquered it, and then we had the delights of the descent to Marshaw, where a bearded redhead, dressed head-to-foot in Le Col kit and riding a fancy bike, caused great excitement by greeting each of us.
Joy beyond measure followed the realisation that the winds which had haunted our group for the previous fifty minutes would now be a helpful tailwind for the ascent of Jubilee Tower. The cool conditions didn’t entirely encourage lingering at the Tower, especially as we knew the café was close.
The plummet was exciting enough that at least one rider needed a “Weeeee!” on the way down and then, much to the surprise of a lot of the group, we continued beyond the crossroads at Quernmore to tackle the Conder Mill switchbacks. For many of us, this was a first. It was now only a short ride to the Animal Care café, whose coffee and bacon products were polished off with much joy and with plentiful discussion involving the prior engagements we were all booking to try to avoid the upcoming 100-Miler.
The return leg saw Shane departing at Conder Green for home, some speedy miles to Pilling and then a few more miles into the headwind back to Garstang via Nateby. All in all, a little over 40 miles, an average of about 12.6 mph and 752 metres of climbing (37.38 chains for those of you who still insist on avoiding the one true measure of elevation— you’ll learn.).

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