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Saturday 12th January 2019

B2 Ride Report - Luke Bosman
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Oakenclough Undulations

Driving in to Garstang this morning, I slowed down since there was no safe way to overtake a slim young cyclist who was pedalling with no apparent effort up the hill by the high school at 19 mph.

Arriving at the Cobbles, in time for the clock to strike 9.27, I noted that the same young man was also there. And planned to ride with the B2s. I hope he has learnt his lesson...

I had planned an undulating route up Delph Lane and over Harrisend Fell on the way to Marshaw before a gentler return via Glasson Dock and Pilling.

We set off at a brisk pace. Adam, our new young whippersnapper (22 years old, weighs less than my saddlebag, snap him up ladies), regularly darting ahead and talking to fellow riders whose need to breathe prevented them responding.

Gordon Roberts, on his annual ride with the club, spoke of his lack of power on ascents, while similarly holding his own somewhere in the distance at the front of a rather elongated peloton.

Karen too seemed to have no lack of speed about her— we eventually found out this was because she was in a rush to get home for a hot date.

The expansive views from Harrisend Fell this morning allowed us to gaze in awe at Heysham Power Station and nothing beyond it. The breeze over the same Fell was significant. We ploughed on towards Marshaw, Karen tried to take top honours on the ascent of Cam Brow but was pipped to the top by me. Adam had failed to recognise that a climb was coming so accidentally got to the top in his big ring. While chatting.

Most of the peloton had had enough climbing by the time we reached Abbeystead and Dolphinholme from where Gordon took his leave of us. See you next year!

Karen left us near Bay Horse, missing out on fine food and coffee at Lantern o’er Lune by Glasson Dock.

Suitably refreshed, we unanimously agreed that the headwind towards Pilling and the incoming weather would make a swift dash back to Garstang an enjoyable conclusion to a fine day out.

So that’s what we did.

Adam, you may find the A/B1s a little slow for you...

Trevor for possibly the first time in his life finished a group ride with the same club as the one with which he began it.

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