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Saturday 29th December

Figure of, er, not Eight Ride - Luke Bosman
There are days when people mount their bikes with a sturdy heart and legs just itching to burn miles while enjoying lush scenery and fine company. Today was not that day.

Four hardy B2s assembled on the Cobbles as the clock struck 9.27. After brief discussion of festive poultry (to which, I must affirm, the correct answer is always goose), Karen, Steve, Dave C and I headed on the standard southern route out of town to Dimples Lane and Bruna Hill. At the Kenlis, we paused for just long enough for Dave to announce his departure.

We avoided Butt Hill, heading instead up the more scenic and gentler May Lane to Claughton before a brief spin through Bleasdale and past Beacon Fell brought us to Inglewhite where once again none of us died on the descent of Bourne Brow— a road which is becoming more and more unpleasant by the day.

Soon enough we were back in Garstang, with legs now confused and needing to be reminded that they were not yet ready for the deft touch of our masseurs but that instead we had another loop to put in. We headed to Daisy Clough (excellent breakfast barms, get there before 11.30 as they cannot grill things after that time) and discussed options.

The headwind which had made Lydiate Lane less enjoyable than it could have been a little earlier sapped our enthusiasm for the lumpy loop round Abbeystead. Steve H quickly arranged a prior engagement which obliged him to be at the Bellflower shortly afterwards, leaving Karen and me to make up the miles by cycling through Nateby on Skitham Lane and back via St. Michael’s at a brisk pace which became only brisker once we were relieved of the headwind.

Karen departed for home at St. Michael’s. I returned to base having completed a little less than 38 miles at an average speed slightly in excess of 14 ½ mph on what was for the B2s really not a hilly ride at all.


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