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Saturday 24th November 2018

Rufty Tufty - Adam Hindle
Sat's Rufty Tufty Review (RTR) with acronym-assist (AA). I'll keep this punchy... we set off from the cobbles with a load of cool dudes on occasionally cool bikes; as ever the rufty tufty (RT) genre has a number of different takes – rigid 29ers (2), hardtail 29ers (4 or 5?), oldschool 26ers (2),
flatbar CXers (1), slick CXers (1), and the wonderfully-oddball rigid 69er (1).
The route led out via The Wyre, past grumpy dog owners (GDO) to Wyre Lane, then through the field to Waddacre Crossing and up Nicky Nook valley. Ex-chairman’s camera (ECC) was in use early. Out of the valley, we headed north via the fishing lakes through to the Kit Brow river crossing. As ever, some exuberant yet inexperienced RTers tried to ride the river and soon regretted it. Only in summer (OIS) fellas ;o). Here we picked up our final pair of intrepid RTers (Isobel and Rachel) and the gang was complete.
We then mooched up through Lancaster via a number of urban ginnels and wastelands of ill repute (WOIR), until we hit the cemetery hill-climb, which I think Prof won, due in part from his tiny back wheel (TBW) lowering his gearing. From there we jumped on the canal to Hest Bank, past more grumpy dog-owners (GDO). The dogs seemed okay though. Looping back south we hit the offroad seg called Blackcastle Bash, where Prof and Phil resumed their duking, but neither pinched the King…
Back onto the canal, over the aqueduct, onto the cycle path, past some sad local roadies (SLR), and up the Grimeshaw climb, past the prison and up to the Ashton Memorial. The original idea was to feed at the Butterfly café but the smell of beer pulled us down towards The White Cross. The descent down through the Quarry was a highlight, although tyres were slashed and jizz flowed freely for a short while. The pub couldn’t feed us in good time so we headed back to the Butterfly café, which was fine and heightened the appetites.
From there we headed back south, via the Uni woodland trail, Galgate, canal towpaths, Hollins Lane, Scorton, Higher Lane, and finally back over the Wyre, where all the GDOs had gone home to watch dancing or something on the telly. A good day was had; some mild crashing, some mild ejaculations, and some good banter. The RT niche is in rude health.
relive it here https://www.relive.cc/view/1982478211
strava route here https://www.strava.com/activities/1982478211

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