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Saturday 27th October 2018

Chipping via the Trough - Dave H
B2 Ride Report.

I arrived at the cobbles expecting a small turnout especially with the drop in temperature. I was somewhat surprised that 11 brave souls had decided to join me for the ride over the Trough.

Prior to the ride I had decided to add a little extra onto the ride and finish on the flatlands rather than the climb over Harris End.

We set off and made good pace as we headed through Scorton and towards Marshaw. The temperature was reading 2 degrees on garmin with a cold autumnal wind. It was on the way to Marshaw we had our first casualty when Karen decided to head off back due to her feet feeling like blocks of ice. We had decided to regroup at the top of the Trough climb but it was so cold we pushed on and regrouped at Dunsop Bridge.

The ride to little town dairy was almost uneventful until we lost Shane and Steve H through Chipping. Eventually we arrived at the cafe and following some well earned food and drink Sarah and Ian Gibson left us to head home the short way.

We pushed on through Goosnargh and said our farewells to Steve H.

On our way to Broughton Keith the newbie got a puncture and it was at this point Luke, Shane and my jaw dropped as the most respected man in the group Mr Cycling himself Phil Durrigan let out the never to be said words LETS LEAVE HIM. As Luke our new Chairman pointed out this is almost a court marshalling offence.

The puncture was finally mended following a difficult argument with a CO2 canister and a small mini pump - we now made our way to inskip when we said goodbye to Luke, and onto Great Eccleston were we said goodbye to Phil D.

The 6 of us made it safely back to Garstang. 50% back is a good average. We covered 50miles at a reasonable average of 13.6mph. A great day out with great company. OMG it was cold though.

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