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Saturday 20th October 2018

A/B1 ride report - Phil Morgan
A goodly number of members turned out on the cobbles this morning- all groups seemed to be heading to Whalley via one route or another
Luke Bosman had earlier in the week posted a route for the B2’s that seemingly took in Whalley Nab en route. This was a bold move indeed - as for those who know this climb, which snakes sharply upwards out of Whalley , it’s a beast, one of the hardest in the area.
So with this week being an RC choice, I laid out a route that broadly followed Luke’s creation- just a bit longer at 75 miles, with Jeffrey Hill thrown in at the start, and a longer approach to the Nab, which we chose to tackle before the lunch halt at the Autism (?) cafe in the grounds of Whalley Abbey. I have failed to mention that there was also the matter of tackling Pendle Hill, but from the easier south side
So, our group left the cobbles at just after 9.35, with the B2’s close behind, this despite the fact their leader had had to return home to collect his gloves .
Our group was a good A/B1 mix- Justin Lindsey-Noble Sue Taylor Michael Birchall Steve Kelly Souper Mario Rick Wiggans . This meant the RC would do most of the navigating from the back!
We were also joined by newby Peter....it was clear he wasn’t a novice rider and his hill climbing later on proved it. Peter has just moved to Garstang - yesterday he said.
This didn’t fully sink in until the cafe stop, when he asked how much longer the ride would be ( we were 40 odd miles into it by now). You see he had literally arrived in the new house yesterday, and as you know, this means you have all your stuff to unpack etc. Hence numerous texts going back and forth with wife at other end, engaged in unpacking sans husband....good effort!...We hope to see you again Pete, when your injuries heal ( frying pans can be vicious things)
Our Brad’s uncle Rick had to be home early, so we lost him before the cafe. We also lost Souper and Steve somewhere on Whalley Nab...the disadvantage of being fastest up the hills is you don’t know the route, especially when the Routemeister, (me) is slightly behind you. I use the word “slightly” as a loose term...
So they turned right half way up and got to the cafe first- we carried on to complete climb, and arrived some 10 mins later
As we arrived, the B 2’s were leaving...to tackle Whalley Nab.
What’s it like they asked. Terrible I said, seeking to give them words of comfort.
Thereafter we rocketed along, Justin choosing to resurrect Professor Badass mode for 1/2 an hour or so...and after the cafe, it was a pretty straightforward hike back, some heading straight home , others adding a few miles here and there.
Ride distance .. 75 miles...some did a bit more. Climbing - lots ( I think it varied between 4500 and. 6000ft )
Oh- and kudos to the B2’s for taking on that route- it was a tough day out all round...and as usual enjoyable - afterwards!

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