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Saturday 8th September 2018

The shall we, shan’t we “C” ride to Arnside - Frank Jones

Today was the kind of day when RCs hope that the rest of the group have the good sense to stay in bed!
Alas, 6 of the “C” group are not blessed with that good sense and turned up to do the ride!
While awaiting “ the late” Will to get ready the rest of us took refuge in a bus shelter and debated “ shall we shan’t we “!
Eventually we decided to go for it and set off for Arnside, however, the resolve faltered when we got near the RSPB at Leyton Moss so we took an early break in the hope the rain would abate. No such luck!
Another debate took place and as we were all as wet as we could get, decided to resume the ride after apologising for the seven puddles on the cafe floor!
Did another 4 miles and got to the planned stop at Heron Cafe, where we were warmed and well fed!
Having two stops meant two sets of cafe legs!
The rest of the ride was much like the other parts - WET!
We all got back to Over Kellet and convinced ourselves we had an enjoyable ride - which sounds implausible - but you find that you always enjoyed the ride when when you dismount at the end!!
Thanks to everyone that turned up.

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