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Saturday 10th February 2018

B2 Ride - The official version- by John Keohane
B2 ride to Hest Bank.....er....Roots

With the responsibility of being RC I woke quite early wondering if the dire weather forecast may have been exaggerated. This was quickly dispelled by the sound of rain battering into the bedroom windows. Having spent several weeks at my warm weather training camp, it was with some reluctance, (and despite an offer to do the shopping) that I was levered out of the door and on to the bike

. During the 7 mile ride into Garstang, I was going over how to convince a group of keen, enthusiastic athletes waiting on the cobbles that a local cafe bimble may be more preferable than a trip to the frozen North.

Entering Garstang and riding down the High Street I was delighted to see nobody outside the pub.

My hopes were dashed however when, just I was accelerating away in a homeward direction I heard my name called. ?? In the dark shadows of an alleyway I spied several dodgy looking, dishevelled itinerants, a group you certainly avoid in darkness.

It was in fact the B2 conspiracy group who had been in deep discussion (like a coven of witches) about how to do what the B2s do best and commit mutiny! .....

.The rest is how Luke told it.... ?? more or less.
Many thanks to the hardy group (6 of us) for their excellent company and sticking with it. Luke David Shane Joanne (Chris) and Tom who is apparently an ex member who rode out from Blackpool, got lost, and joined us to the cafe. We left him in there with all his gear and weekly washing spread over several radiators.
I hope you got home safely on that trashed wheel Chris.

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