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Saturday 10th February 2018

Mick Birchall's Mud Fest MTB ride circuit of Longridge Fell
Intro by Phil Morgan
Having left my Garmin at home ( still can’t find it) this was a Strava less ride. Our A /B1 Rufty Tufty from Longridge turned into plugging away very slowly through acre upon acre of muddy fields, up to our ankles in mud, with virtually nil traction everywhere. So slow was our progress we abandoned Chipping as lunch destination as stopped at a cafe new to us all in Hurst Green
Enough of this . Michael Birchall will fill you in . Suffice to say we got totally soaked and plastered in mud
And Mick Birchall's report- brief, just like our ride

A/B Dispatches:

Thanks all for keeping the faith yesterday lads, when I would imagine lesser mortals would have doubted. Some very good sections linked with Pashendale-esque bits. Quite an amazing piece of wizardry on my part cunjuring up that cafe just at mess time I thought. Just a shame it was so slow going, another hour in the day: and I think we could have had a stab at the full route and taken the machine gun post. I've since had a close look on the aerial map of the section we cut and it shows the rest of the bridlewayed route as track suitable for heavy equipment. And you were right Phil we could have taken a left when we met the road on Longridge fell and then joined the forest road which probably would have been ridable and clear of snipers. On the whole I think it was a worthwhile recce mission for the full ride later in the year. Love to all
ps send more innertubes and a bit more of that fine custard tart.

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