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Saturday 2nd December 2017

C Ride to Glasson Dock by Yvonne Field
Got to Royal Oak to lead my Glasson Dock ride and was suprised to find sixteen riders all ready to go,we got as far as Hangmans Lane thought i had better ring cafe to let them know we were coming,guess what forgot my phone so Dave rang up,it was a very pleasant nice easy paced ride to Glasson,we all squashed into cafe and orders were soon taken and served.Pip popped in to see us he couldnt join us but we were all very pleased to see him and yes he was on his bike and looking very well.we set off back and when we got through Scorton Tamzin suggested putting an extra loop on and we all agreed. It was a great ride with lots of fun and banter.Oh i lost Will so sorry,Petula rang him to check that he was ok. SORRY Will it must have been when we crossed the A6 to go through Scorton.

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