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Saturday 2nd December 2017

B2 Figure of Eight by Martin Oglesby
9 STARTERS, 1 FINISHER. B2 Ride No. 41, Report: 02 December, 2017.

After a frosty week the thermometer rose overnight to leave mostly ice free roads.
The planned route of 51 miles was a figure of “8” initially to the SE then returning through Garstang with a second loop to the north.

Nine B2 riders left the cobbles, but within a mile Bill D suffered a puncture. After trying 3 tubes the valve broke off the 3rd, so Bill elected to return to base.
Then there were eight.

Shortly after, it was reported that Dave C was feeling unwell so he too turned back with Eric for company. (Hope all is well Dave).

Then there were six.

This group held together until the first return to Garstang when Steve J left to report for work.

Then there were five.

A quick tel. call was made to the cafe to advise of our arrival time, which they appreciated. A diversion from the published route was made to avoid the reportedly sh1tty Witters Ln adding a couple of extra miles, bringing us out at the X-roads of Park Ln / Cabus Nook Ln - not far from the cafe. The RC’s directions were to Turn Left for a small loop to approach the cafe from the north. “But we can just go straight across” cried the others, obviously smelling the bacon. Mutiny in the ranks! After threatening a flogging with the Cat o’ Nine Tails the mutineers fell into line and agreed to follow the RC for a change.

The Daisy Clough cafe at Scorton looked after us well with unlimited coffee @ £2 (help yourself) and quality sausage barms and cake selection. The B1’s had arrived only 5 min’s earlier due to a puncture. Thus refuelled the two groups set off together toward Abbeystead, minus Luke who left for an early bath.

Then there were four.
Shortly afterwards Dave H left us to avoid aggravating a hamstring injury and John K accompanied him.

Then there were two.

A group of cyclists from Fylde Coasters passed us earlier, but GCC took the lead again up to Cam Brow and the slot left to Abbeystead. Questions were raised about whether the route included a loop out towards Marshaw, but the RC stuck to his guns and went left only to find himself alone in Abbeystead. The B1’s must have decided on the extra loop / or was it a puncture? After a 5 min. wait the FC riders confirmed it was indeed a puncture for S-J. Onward together now to Dolphinholme and Five Lane Ends where Ian G decided to throw in the towel due to his dislike of the fast traffic on the Glasson > Garstang ‘B’ road.

And then there was one.

An extra loop round Jeremy Ln, Glasson, reduced the main road mileage slightly. Chris and Martin O arrived first at Cockerham thinking a good pace had been set when the others were out sight. After some time it turned out that S-J’s tyre needed re-inflating. Continuing for home S-J suffered the same problem twice more before calling International Rescue (hubby) to collect her.

Considering I had shaved, cleaned teeth and applied deodorant before leaving I’m not sure why so many left early. I thought they were good company. I’ll continue to order the floggings until morale improves.

PS - If I had stopped short of Garstang on return would that have been zero finishers?

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