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Saturday 11th November 2017

C Ride to Ribchester by Mike Coleran
Today’s destination was Ribchester, less than fifteen miles from Garstang, but with so many options as to the route to get there. I had been pondering which way to go before arriving on the cobbles, and was still undecided when the time to set off arrived. Only eight riders this morning as opposed to twenty three last week, a blessing really as the small Potters Barn café would have struggled with such a large invasion. Luckily for me, one of the eight riders was none other than the originator of this very pleasant ride – Tamzin, who soon put me in my place and told me which way we were going to go – no arguing! May Lane and Walmesley Bridge, followed by Whitechapel and the quiet Back Lane to Thornley (I did managed to overrule Tamzin’s decision at one point, a fact that I am very proud of!) We continued climbing up onto the sun-drenched flanks of Longridge Fell (a glorious morning) before the long, exhilarating descent to Ribchester where we luckily found the café to be reasonably quiet. Whilst we all settled in and placed our orders, the often heard question “Where’s Bob” echoed around the building. Of course, we should have realised, Bianchi Bob had arrived safely and was outside having his shower and shave and putting on his best tucker for his entrance into the café. Sure enough in he walked fresh as a daisy, straight up to the counter. He obviously made an impression on the female staff as they soon took his order, and his money, and had him sat down eating and drinking whilst the rest waited for their brunch! What a charmer! Out and back in the saddle, café legs screamed as we climbed out of the village up to Longridge, almost outdoing the scream of a Durch Technic screaming closely past on our starboard side, very closely in fact at an estimated 80mph (in a 30 zone!). Despite another couple of similar idiots on narrow lanes, we safely got back home via the usual back lanes around Inglewhite. Stuart had left us to go shopping at Longridge, and Tamzin went her own way from Bourne Brow, leaving Malcolm, Bob, Kenny, Frank, Keith and myself to finish the last few miles. 36 miles, 2,000ft, 11.7mph – another great, and sociable club ride in perfect weather.

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