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Saturday 23rd September 2017

B1 Ride to Mellor by Peter Heyworth
An early start with 9 riders from both B1 and B2 rolled of the cobbles, which was always going to be a bit of a suck it and see type of event.

The peloton picked up Keith and Gavin at Inglewhite on route to longridge and it was not long before the we started to form our natural groupings. Longridge fell and the group split into 3 smaller groups with Ian and Sarah Jane rolling North and John and Dave happy at a more relaxed pace and head over to Waddington.

The 7 survivors pushed on into Whalley before the next climb over Old Whalley Road and regrouped on the summit. Soon a few yarns were spun of the good old days of East lancs, tails off night clubs up on the moors and the once popular spot of the Dog inn.

The final climb was up and over Mellor before decending down through the beautiful area of Balderstone, cracking little cycle route that brings you down to Tickle Trout.

Stab alley did not disapoint, we were welcomed by an Alsatian snapping at our ankles, followed by raining kids from out of hedges and then Gavin fell for the old slippy banna skin trap on muggers corner. With the adrenaline high and the smell of the coffee and cake the pace quickened as we left the Urban streets behind.

We found roots cafe after 48 miles from the cobbles for a welcomed stop.

Men are often criticised for not having open conversation about 'mens health' issues, well Dr Christian would have been proud as half a dozen blokes huddled around there brews swapping tails of there ageing ailments, was an in lightning and education experience.

With the kids fulled up on caffeine and sugar the pace quickened back to the A6 before we dispand to go our merry way.

Only 4 missing in action and one minor crash another success

70 miles 3,500 ft Ave 15.5 mph and craic....happy days

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