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Saturday 10th June 2017

B1/B2/C? Ride to Catforth (and beyond) by Steve Kelly
I wasn't really expecting anyone to be on the cobbles yesterday morning because of the prospect of rain all day. But I thought I should make an effort as RC and if no one turned up I could write an ironic piece about battling the rain into Garstang and conquering the tricky cobbled sections outside the Co-op and the pet shop before turning for home and hot coffee.
Only to be thwarted by the presence of Peter Heyworth and Tamzin Roberts fully dressed for some wet action. What to do? Rule 5 of course.
We pooled (get it?) our resources and quickly decided that Barley was out of the question, especially as Tamzin was expecting a C ride. Her presence was very timely having missed the FB post cancelling the C ride.
We thought a meander (still getting it?) on the flat was called for and set out for Inglewhite and Broughton, forming a plan for a call into Roots before deciding on where to go next. An early stop in Roots to dry off; coffee and cake. I did think about the lemon drizzle (I'll stop soon) but went for the Paradise instead. Irony is not dead (ask Theresa).
Tamzin headed us back towards Cartford, pulling us lazy Bs along at 30kph for quite a few miles in the rain. Kudos. Tamzin coming to a B group near you some time soon I think.
That left Pedro and myself with a 60 mile target for the day and we picked up the pace to Hambleton and the back roads to Knott End. We took the sea wall back along to Pilling and Gulf Lane to Cockerham before forming a two man chain gang to the Stork. Over to Galgate we went on the main HC climb of the day where honours were shared. Then on towards the Fleece where Pedro added a loop to ensure 100k. Which left me to slither back to Garstang on my todd.
What can you deduce from this madness? We got some good miles in, it wasn't cold and the wine was earned that evening. Result

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