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Saturday 3rd June 2017

B1 Ride to Horton in Ribblesdale by Phil Morgan
oday's Club B ride was an absolute classic- perfect weather to enable a full appreciation of the magnificent scenery we passed through- Barbondale, Dentdale (the B 1's took the quieter more scenic - if that's possible- route along the minor lane to the east of the River Dee ) climbing steeply to Newby Head with a fast sweeping descent to Ribblehead.
Great cafe stop and top notch beans at Penyghent Cafe, followed by a far more relaxed troll back through Feizor and Austwick to the start point in Low Bentham
9 of us departed from the GCC crammed car park , soon to reduce to 8 with Sec defecting to the 2's. Dave Brook Keith Oglesby Joanne Berry (Chris), Cherry Scone Ian Gibson Vincent George Andrew Darnell and me.
The pace was on and off fast , but still time to admire the stunning scenery- All new to Chris , who has not long got back into cycling and had never ventured this far before- he must have been impressed
About as impressed as all my riding colleagues with my latest addition to a now burgeoning wardrobe of cycling helmets. A very advanced piece of kit that drew almost constant comments- I think my wife's summed them all up - "you look like a mental defective in that"
Rod Carter - yes that is who that strange apparition was in the midst of the B2's - I , Martin Oglesby and Keith Oglesby deny complete knowledge of knowing him , said I looked like a match- which was true to be fair
As Luke Van Hire described in his usually brilliant ride report- Ribblehead was awash with cars, people , just too busy. At this point we were passed. Y a well oiled and closely grouped group of Clitheroe RC riders- who said they had passed a group in Dentdale- the B2's
They obviously thought we were similarly an easy push over , but reckoned without the developing road train of the B1's as we rocketed off towards Horton in our usual raffle taggle fashion
The pace was by anyone's standards hot, with at any one time Dave, Keith or myself taking the front- we arrived at the cafe knackered ( I was) but exhilarated by the pace- with Andrew - very nearly back to full assassin fitness grinning widely, having drafted us all the way- very clever.
We were at this point one man up again- to 9- John Keohane had joined us way back at Barbondale- looking very tanned from almost permanent residence in Tenerife
Whilst not at the front perhaps , the Gibson's were nevertheless not shabby in keeping with the pace- as was clothing supreme - the colour blind Vince
This was a day that will stand out in the memory as one of perfect weather and stunning colours - blue skies, fluffy clouds, buttercup crowded fields ...and my orange helmet- a new level of cycling fashion has arrived

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