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Saturday 20th May 2017

A Ride 'Cycling Weekly' by Rick Wiggans
Cycling Weekly jaunt, 20th May 2017. A number of riders set off from the cobble in pursuit of journalistic glory. Just how many, I can’t recall, since the nature of the day gave rise to a certain amount of fragmentation. The first of the fragmentations occurred on the way to Harrisend, when Journo John had a flat, so Stu and Michael were duly despatched to render aid. The rest of the group pushed on at a modest pace, intent on following instructions to ensure the front of the group displayed only club kit, and curly bars. Note to the Chairman – can the next club kit order please include some stick-on curly ends for flat bars! The route through Bleasdale, Chipping, and thence though Walker Fold to Birdy Brow was followed without incident. A quick blast up Birdy Brow, remembering not to wave or smile at photographer Andy, and lunch beckoned. The group substantially reassembled on the way over Longridge Fell. Instructions to arrive at Little Town Dairy by 11:45 were neatly complied with, tables occupied, and orders for bacon butties etc. given. The rain that threatened to arrive on our decent of Longridge Fell made its presence only too obvious during the café stop, and whilst it would have been tempting to stay consuming tea and buns until it stopped, no breaks in the gloom were spotted. So, it was agreed to hotfoot it back to Garstang, by the shortest route, and take refuge in the Royal Oak. More chatter over a couple of beers with Journo John, clearing skies outside, drew an interesting and enjoyable day to a close.

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