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Saturday 29th April 2017

B1 Ride to Kirkby Stephen by Ian Gibson
B1 ride report- skilful incompetence!

Two B2 riders joined the ride today (while Mr Durrigan wasn't looking ;-)
We threw in a little loop near cautley that had them pondering their decision, but then lots of fast downhill and seemingly endless quaint little lanes to the cafe in Kirby Stephen . Orders placed and one of the brighter riders wondered what had happened to Brough, a quick glance at my garmin ( 13 miles) confirmed my worst fears.... I had been a little uneasy when we turned right out of Great Mugwump ...
Our new recruits, having been relieved that a B1 ride was so easy, then discovered what fate had in store ....... an extra loop to Dentdale via the coal road. There was some resistance to this proposal but not from the fearless newbies to their credit.
A head wind up Garsdale then a wonderful opportunity to observe our steam heritage.......... only a week after Britains first ever coal free day of electric generation you might consider that burning coal in our heritage locos is of no consequence , but then the beautiful "Tornado" steamed into view ( only slightly heavier than Dave Brooks' Genesis bike ;-) But this steam loco is only 3 years old !!!! Not heritage at all! What's going on? ?
The coal road loomed ahead and was hard work but not very difficult from the North side, it offered wonderful views today from a 1600 ft plus height. The return through Dentdale delightful as ever, and a bit of route 68 via Gawthorpe gave some pretty lanes back to Sedburgh where our new recruits were still bounding around having conquered their demons, with tales to tell the admiring B2 group next week ......or will they.........

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