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Saturday 12th July

B1 Ride to Bolton by Bowland by Keith Oglesby
It was a tense moment as we stood with our bikes waiting quietly for the farmer to drive his sheep past us. He sat on his quad bike and called gentle instructions to his faithful sheep dog working skilfully to guide his flock, even though a few of them were intent on going a different way.
"He's a bit confused" said the farmer "we usually take em t'other way up t'road you see"
"I know just how he feels! " I said having lost 4 of our group of 11 before Claughton. A record even by my standards.

The 4 were found calmly grazing at the Tearooms with Ian and Sarah Jane who were attempting an epic ride on the hottest day of the year. We were well looked after by Tim with beans and eggs and refills of tea, coffee and water. Molly waited on cheerfully as the B2s arrived.

We left the cafe without Grace and Tom who both elected to return with the B2s either because the pace was too hot or the chaos had become too much. Indeed after the junction on the bridge near Sawley it became clear that I had lost 4 riders again within just a few miles. Again we turned back but then came the realisation that they must have done the entire figure of 8 in reverse.

Ah well, it was a lovely day. The weather was hot and so was the pace. I think we all followed a similar route, but if you describe a figure of 8 there are a few different ways to draw it.

What did I learn from the farmer? Next time I might use my motorbike.

Keith Oglesby

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